FM4 Interview with K.Flay

American musician Kristine Flaherty, better known under her artist name K.Flay, has proven to be one of the most relevant pop musicians of today: She freely switches between and ignores classic genres like hip hop, rock and electronic music, talks openly with her fans on social media and sings songs ranging from complex topics like modern politics to simple messages about love and comradery. Her newest album “Solutions” came out in summer 2019, the FM4 music team called it: “a positive record in cynical times”. After the release of the record, K.Flay went on a world tour and also played a sold out show at Vienna’s Flex. FM4’s Christoph Sepin met her there and talked to her about exercise on tour, the importance of appreciating one’s own company and how to free yourself from the limitations of your own ego.


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